04 February 2013

How to Get My Ex to Want Me Back Just As I Want Them!

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By Clay Andrews

How to Get My Ex to Want Me Back Just As I Want Them!

How to Get My Ex to Want Me Back Just As I Want Them!

Breakups trigger internal turmoil in a lot of people.

It can be really upsetting when somebody we love selects to leave the relationship because the vain effort to make it work.

The only thing that can satisfy you right now is your ex entering that door or calls to say they were wrong.

It can probably happen so please keep reading if you wanna how to get your ex to want you back.

Q: I've done all that I can to get my ex's attention. Nothing is working. Advise me how to get my ex to want me back as much as I want him back! What mistake am I committing?

A: Bear in mind first that you can't control your ex's feelings, thoughts or emotions.

Trying to get your ex to feel a certain way about you will just cause you more pain and suffering, in other words. You should attract your ex back rather than demanding for their attention. Demanding for their attention by always contacting them will shove your ex away.

Your ex needs time for themselves to reflect on life. They fail to acquire clarity if you always contact them. Apply the No Contact Rule right away to get your ex back, even if you've committed all the mistakes already.

Q: I need to have my ex back in my life! I desperately need to get my ex back. Advise me exactly how to get my ex to want me back. I've already applied the No Contact Rule and remained busy so what am I doing wrong?

A: It appears that you're doing everything right except for a thing.

You're in the wrong frame of mind to attract your ex or anything optimistic in your life. Before, you just wanted your ex, but now you NEED your ex back in your life.

You're fully depending on them to make you happy when you need someone. You and your ex both wanted, not needed, each other when you got together for the first time.

What you need is to keep working on improving yourself. Do whatever pleases you. By accomplishing goals and reaching small successes, you're achieving more self-worth and confidence. Also, you must focus more on what you want rather than don't have. You're heading in a constructive direction when you focus carefully on what you are trying to accomplish and the advantages of it. You're running away from something without a direction in mind if you concentrate on what you don't want. You should ask yourself what you can do to recover your situation and make you feel better rather than asking yourself how to get my ex to want me back.

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Chart Prambors Top 40 Tangga Lagu September 2012

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Chart prambors fm, dari sini pasti anda bisa menebak apa yang akan saya posting :D. Tangga lagu prambors ini dipastikan akan memuat lagu lagu playlist populer yang dimainkan di prambors fm. Yang akan saya posting disini adalah chart prambors September 2012 tanggal 7 - 14. Dan saya usahakan akan terus mengupdate chart prambors fm terbaru.

Dalam chart prambors radio ini akan saya carikan juga untuk lirik lagu serta videonya. Jadi anda tidak usah bingung bingung untuk mencarinya lagi. Dengan begitu diharapkan anda tidak menyianyiakan waktu mencari lagu lagu chart prambors radio tinggal klik dan play saja. Namun saya tidak menyediakan link download mp3 lagu chart prambors fm

Disini saya usahakan untuk menampilkan lirik atau video berupa linknya tinggal anda buka saja. namun kemungkinan ada beberapa lagu yang belum ketemu lirik ataupun videonya. Karena disini saya bukan sebagai pengupload video namun untuk lirik saya ambilkan dari blog lirik lagu terbaru. Kemungkinan untuk yang belum tersedia di langkah selanjutnya akan saya sediakan untuk anda nikmati. jika ketemu tapi wkwkwk. Ya sudah tidak perlu panjang lebar, berikut ini chart prambors fm yang saya ambilkan dari prambors top 40.

Chart Prambors Top 40 Tangga Lagu

Chart Prambors Top 40 Tangga Lagu September 201

Chart Prambors Top 40

JudulArtis / Penyanyi / BandLink VideoLink Lirik
1Wide AwakeKaty PerryVideoLirik
2WhistleFlo RidaVideoLirik
4How We Do (party)Rita OraVideoLirik
5Dark SideKelly ClarksonVideoLirik
6Rumour Has ItAdeleVideoLirik
7Orang Ke 3Hivi!VideoLirik
8Good TimeOwl City Ft. Carly Rae JepsenVideoLirik
9Ellie GouldingLightsVideoLirik
10Throw Your Hands UpQwote Feat. PitbullVideoLirik
11Blow MePinkVideoLirik
12StarshipsNicki MinajVideoLirik
13Waktu Takkan MampuTompiVideoLirik
14Wild OnesFlo RidaVideoLirik
15Goin' InJennifer Lopez Feat. Flo RidaVideoLirik
16Aku Selalu AdaElloVideoLirik
17The FighterGym Class HeroesVideoLirik
18Don't Wake Me UpChris BrownVideoLirik
19Part Of MeKaty PerryVideoLirik
20Drive ByTrainVideoLirik
21She Doesn't MindSean PaulVideoLirik
22Spectrum (say My Name)Florence + The MachineVideoLirik
23One More NightMaroon 5VideoLirik
24Feel So CloseCalvin HarrisVideoLirik
25Back In TimePitbullVideoLirik
26Some NightsFunVideoLirik
27Summer ParadiseSimple PlanVideoLirik
28Give You Heart A BreakDemi LovatoVideoLirik
29Tentang KitaRanVideoLirik
30PayphoneMaroon 5 Feat. Wiz KhalifaVideoLirik
31Count On MeBruno MarsVideoLirik
32Call Me MaybeCarly Rae JepsenVideoLirik
33What Makes You BeautifulOne DirectionVideoLirik
34HangoverTaio CruzVideoLirik
36GalauYovie And NunoVideoLirik
39Could It BeRaisaVideoLirik
40Somebody That I Used To KnowGoyteVideoLirik

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How To Hold A Capricorn Man In Love With You - Tips To Secure His Love Crystal For Capricorn Sun Sign

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By Graham Flynn

How To Hold A Capricorn Man In Love With You - Tips To Secure His Love Crystal For Capricorn Sun Sign

Capricorn Man

Understanding how to maintain a Capricorn man includes recognizing what's significant to him and lining up your priorities with his. These men are driven to succeed so really always their career becomes a passion. In case you think neglected by that, it can result in serious issues among the two of you. It's essential that you just understand that his need to succeed at jobs is since he sees himself being a provider. Significantly of his self worth is tied to his profession so in case you can support that and encourage that, he'll think a particular connection with you.

A thirst for new knowledge is often a quality that a Capricorn man finds deeply appealing in a woman. If you might be the type of woman who likes to watch mindless television programs or read gossip magazines that can genuinely eventually turn him off. He craves to acquire a conversation with you about globe problems and he loves whenever you are reading a brand new book and are engrossed in it. Secretly, quite a few Capricorn men long to be with an individual who is smarter than them. Intelligence and a drive to hold learning will assist you to maintain your Capricorn in adore with you. Often be over a look for to find new points you'll be able to share with him. He'll love it and you a lot more for it.

Don't take life as well seriously while if you want to establish a lasting and powerful connection inside your man. These men have a great sense of humor and they enjoy it after the women they are with can make them laugh. Don't stoop to doing fun of others in an work to tickle his funny bone. He'll find that and you offensive. Keep your humor light and fun and he'll keep smiling.

One thing that several Capricorn men incredibly love is really a compliment. He wants to know that you think he's specific and special. He loves hearing that you have by no means identified anybody like him. Pump up his ego a bit with genuine, heartfelt compliments and he'll be yours forever.

If you want to woo a Capricorn then your very best bet is to "keep it simple, stupid." Capricorn natives are compassionate folks but they don't suffer fools gladly. They also don't like individuals who are waste income or who have unfavorable taste. This is not the time to wear that seventies retro shirt unless it is surely in style.

Capricorns like to become slowly and subtly charmed and dislike anyone who is really a braggart or over social climber. Overt displays of wealth disgust them. Such as a female Capricorn is a lot more to love someone who drives a Saturn then a Ferrari.

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unlock modem smartfren Rev.A AC682

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unlock modem smartfren Rev.A AC682

modem smartfren Rev.A AC682

  wieh, dari judulnya kayaknya berbau gimanaaa gitu.. Unlock Modem SmartFren Rev.A AC682, seperti hacker saja, :D. bagi anda yang memiliki modem AC682 ini, senasib dengan  saya, dalam iklannya sih anti lelet ya, tapi ko' ditempat saya super lelet, wah gak beres nieh. Memang betul, kebanyakannya harga menentukan kualitas. Dari segi harga Modem Smart Fren Rev.A AC682 ini adalah modem termurah yang di tawarkan oleh perusahaan Smartfren ini.

 Baiklah, kita akan membahas bagaimana sich Unlock modem ini, siapkan mental anda, kalau saja ini akan mengecewakan anda, :D. dalam pengalaman saya, modem ini tidak bisa di Unlock, apa?tidak bisa di Unlock? jangan terkejut dulu sob, ini sudah ketentuan dari sononya. Jadi bagi anda yang tetap ingin mencari CARA Unlock Modem SmartFren Rev.A AC682 ini, sebaiknya harus mengerutkan dahi duech.. saya udah googling sana kemari, tapi tetap saja hasilnya nihil sob.
unlock modem smartfren Rev.A AC682
  nikmatin saja apa yang sudah ada sob, kalau pengen yang bisa unlock beli aja lagi modem yang bisa di unlock,, :D. oh iya, smartfren juga ada mengeluarkan modem yang berfitur unlock dan ada port untuk antena tambahannya kalau tidak salah modenya adalah EC1260, kalau saya sich tetap bertahan dengan modem AC682 ini, maklumlah ane masih pelajar, belum punya uang untuk beli baru, hehe..

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Mengenali Gejala Penyakit Tipes dan Cara Mencegahnya

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Mengenali Gejala Penyakit Tipes dan Cara Mencegahnya
Mengenali Gejala Penyakit Tipes dan Cara Mencegahnya
Anatomi Usus
Penyakit tipes disebabkan oleh Bakteri Salomenella Typhosa. Bakteri ini lebih banyak menular lewat makanan dan minuman, tinja dan air seni yang dibawa oleh lalat. Bakteri Sallomella termasuk genus bakteri entrobakteria gram negatif yang berbentuk tongkat dengan masa inkubasi kuman dalam tubuh 5-12 hari. Nama keren bakteri tipes diberikan oleh Edward Salmon, seorang ahli patologi dari Amerika, walaupun rekannya theobold Smith yang pertama kali menemukan bakterium pada Tahun 1885 pada tubuh babi.
Pada demam tifoid/tipes ini, ada beberama masa ketika kuman masuk ke dalam tubuh penderita, diantaranya:
Masa inkubasi (saat pertama kali kuman ini masuk kemudian tidur sebentar untuk menyiapkan amunisi yang diperluan untuk menyerang tubuh kita), Masa ini berlangsung 7-12 hari, walaupun pada umumnya adalah 10-12 hari. Pada awal penyakit ini keluhan dan gejala penyakit ini tidaklah khas, biasanya berupa:
  1. Anoreksia (tidak nafsu makan)http://lubang-kecil.blogspot.com/
  2. Rasa malas
  3. Sakit kepala bagian depan
  4. Nyeri otot
  5. Lidah kotor
  6. Gangguan perut (perut meragam dan sakit)
Gejala Khas dari demam ini?
Biasanya jika gejala khas itu yang tampak, diagnosis kerja pun bisa langsung ditegakkan. Yang termasuk gejala khas Demam tifoid adalah sebagai berikut.
Minggu Pertama (awal terinfeksi)
Setelah melewati masa inkubasi 10-14 hari, gejala penyakit itu pada awalnya sama dengan penyakit infeksi akut yang lain, seperti demam tinggi yang berpanjangan yaitu setinggi 39ºc hingga 40ºc, sakit kepala, pusing, pegal-pegal, anoreksia, mual, muntah, batuk, dengan nadi antara 80-100 kali permenit, denyut lemah, pernapasan semakin cepat dengan gambaran bronkitis kataral, perut kembung dan merasa tak enak,sedangkan diare dan sembelit silih berganti.
Pada akhir minggu pertama,diare lebih sering terjadi. Khas lidah pada penderita adalah kotor di tengah, tepi dan ujung merah serta bergetar atau tremor. Episteksis dapat dialami oleh penderita sedangkan tenggorokan terasa kering dan beradang. Jika penderita ke dokter pada periode tersebut, akan menemukan demam dengan gejala-gejala di atas yang bisa saja terjadi pada penyakit-penyakit lain juga.
Ruam kulit (rash) umumnya terjadi pada hari ketujuh dan terbatas pada abdomen disalah satu sisi dan tidak merata, bercak-bercak ros (roseola) berlangsung 3-5 hari, kemudian hilang dengan sempurna. Roseola terjadi terutama pada penderita golongan kulit putih yaitu berupa makula merah tua ukuran 2-4 mm, berkelompok, timbul paling sering pada kulit perut, lengan atas atau dada bagian bawah, kelihatan memucat bila ditekan. Pada infeksi yang berat, purpura kulit yang difus dapat dijumpai. Limpa menjadi teraba dan abdomen mengalami distensi.
Minggu Kedua
Jika pada minggu pertama, suhu tubuh berangsur-angsur meningkat setiap hari, yang biasanya menurun pada pagi hari kemudian meningkat pada sore atau malam hari. Karena itu, pada minggu kedua suhu tubuh penderita terus menerus dalam keadaan tinggi (demam). Suhu badan yang tinggi, dengan penurunan sedikit pada pagi hari berlangsung. Terjadi perlambatan relatif nadi penderita. Yang semestinya nadi meningkat bersama dengan peningkatan suhu, saat ini relatif nadi lebih lambat dibandingkan peningkatan suhu tubuh.
Gejala toksemia (ketika kuman sudah masuhk aliran darah) semakin berat yang ditandai dengan keadaan penderita yang mengalami delirium. Gangguan pendengaran umumnya terjadi. Lidah tampak kering,merah mengkilat. Nadi semakin cepat sedangkan tekanan darah menurun, sedangkan diare menjadi lebih sering yang kadang-kadang berwarna gelap akibat terjadi perdarahan. Pembesaran hati dan limpa. Perut kembung dan sering berbunyi. Gangguan kesadaran. Mengantuk terus menerus, mulai kacau jika berkomunikasi dan lain-lain.
Minggu Ketiga
Suhu tubuh berangsung-angsur turun dan normal kembali di akhir minggu. Hal itu jika terjadi tanpa komplikasi atau berhasil diobati. Bila keadaan membaik, gejala-gejala akan berkurang dan temperatur mulai turun. Meskipun demikian justru pada saat ini komplikasi perdarahan dan perforasi cenderung untuk terjadi, akibat lepasnya kerak dari ulkus. Sebaliknya jika keadaan makin memburuk, dimana toksemia memberat dengan terjadinya tanda-tanda khas berupa delirium atau stupor,otot-otot bergerak terus, inkontinensia alvi dan inkontinensia urin.
Meteorisme dan timpani masih terjadi, juga tekanan abdomen sangat meningkat diikuti dengan nyeri perut. Penderita kemudian mengalami kolaps. Jika denyut nadi sangat meningkat disertai oleh peritonitis lokal maupun umum, maka hal ini menunjukkan telah terjadinya perforasi usus sedangkan keringat dingin,gelisah,sukar bernapas dan kolaps dari nadi yang teraba denyutnya memberi gambaran adanya perdarahan. Degenerasi miokardial toksik merupakan penyebab umum dari terjadinya kematian penderita demam tifoid pada minggu ketiga.
Minggu Keempat
Merupakan stadium penyembuhan meskipun pada awal minggu ini dapat dijumpai adanya pneumonia lobar atau tromboflebitis vena femoralis.
Komplikasi jika tidak ditangani segera?
1. Komplikasi Intestinal
  • Perdarahan usus
  • Perforasi usus
  • Ileus paralitik
2. Komplikasi Ekstra -Intestinal
  • Komplikasi Kardiovaskuler : kegagalan sirkulasi perifer (renjatanseptik),miokarditis,trombosis dan tromboflebitis
  • Komplikasi darah : anemia hemolitik ,trombositopenia, dan /atau Disseminated
  • Intravascular Coagulation (DIC) dan Sindrom uremia hemolitik
  • Komplikasi paru : Pneumonia,empiema,dan pleuritis
  • Komplikasi hepar dan kandung empedu : hepatitis dan kolesistitis
  • Komplikasi ginjal : glomerulonefritis,pielonefritis, dan perinefritis
  • Komplikasi tulang : osteomielitis,periostitis,spondilitisdan Artritis
  • Komplikasi Neuropsikiatrik : Delirium, meningismus, meningitis, polineuritisperifer, sindrom guillain-barre, psikosis dan sindrom katatonia
Penyakit ini dapat disembuhkan secara total dengan pemberian antibiotik yang tepat, seperti kloramfenikol, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole atau ciprofloxacin, untuk periode waktu tertentu. Obat-obat tersebut hanya dapat dikonsumsi dengan resep dokter, setelah dilakukan pemeriksaan oleh dokter. Penggunaan obat yang tidak sesuai dengan indikasi dokter, baik jenis obat, dosis dan lama penggunaannya, justru akan berakibat buruk bagi tubuh. Dengan pengobatan yang tepat dan istirahat saat fase akut akan memercepat proses penyembuhan demam tifoid. Bila tak terawat dengan baik, demam tifoid dapat berlangsung selama tiga minggu atau lebih. Penderita demam tifoid sebaiknya beristirahat untuk sementara waktu, hindari aktifitas yang terlalu tinggi selama masih sakit. Aktifitas dapat kembali seperti semula secara perlahan-lahan, setelah kondisi anda sudah lebih baik.
Demam tifoid, mudah menular lewat makanan dan minuman yang mengandung bakteri. Bisa pula karena penanganan yang kurang higienis atau menggunakan air dari sumber air yang digunakan untuk keperluan mencuci. Maka, untuk mencegah penyebaran bakteri dari penderita yang baru pulih dari demam ini, ada beberapa cara yang dapat dilakukan.
Di antaranya dengan mencuci tangan sesering mungkin, terlebih lagi sebelum makan dan setelah menggunakan toilet. Perlu diingat, ketika mencuci tangan, gunakan air hangat, dan menggosok tangan dengan sabun minimal 30 detik. Ada baiknya Anda menggunakan barang pribadi secara terpisah. Umpamanya, peralatan makan. Bagi mereka yang baru sembuh dari penyakit ini, tidak menyiapkan makanan untuk orang lain hingga dinyatakan sembuh total oleh dokter.
Anda pun mulai saat ini sebaiknya mengurangi jajan di kaki lima, mengingat higienitas makanan yang disajikan kurang diperhatikan. Bukan tidak mungkin, makanan tersebut mengandung bakteri. Bukan hanya makanan yang dapat terkontaminasi bakteri, melainkan juga peralatan makan dan tangan Anda sendiri. Karenanya, jika pun ingin makan di kaki lima, sebaiknya perhatikan kondisi warungnya, apakah bersih termasuk peralatan makannya.
Akan lebih baik jika makanan yang dipilih adalah yang panas. Dengan demikian, akan membunuh bakteri yang ada di dalamnya. Untuk mengolah makanan pun harus baik dan matang. Termasuk mencuci ikan yang harus dilakukan hingga bersih dan dimasak hingga matang. Hal ini juga berlaku ketika Anda mengolah makanan yang lain.
Di Amerika, menurut Jerry, penderita demam tifoid telah berkurang banyak sejak tahun 1900-an. Kini, kurang dari 500 kasus tentang penyakit ini, dilaporkan secara tahunan di Amerika Serikat (AS). Penderita kebanyakan mereka yang baru saja bepergian dari area endemik.
Bandingkan pada tahun 1920- an ketika lebih dari 35.000 kasus demam tifoid menyerang AS. Meksiko, Amerika Selatan, India, Pakistan, dan Mesir adalah negara dengan risiko terbesar yang mengembangkan penyakit ini. Secara global, demam tifoid menyerang lebih dari 13 juta orang per tahun dengan lebih dari 500.000 pasien yang meninggal akibat penyakit ini.
Source: http://murtaqicomunity.wordpress.com/2009/04/01/gejala-penyakit-tipes/, http://lifestyle.okezone.com/read/2010/01/07/27/291706/27/kenali-gejala-tipes

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Quotes That Capture The Bond Between Dad and Son

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By Kathy Smith

Quotes That Capture The Bond Between Dad and Son

Quotes That Capture The Bond Between Dad and So

Dad and their boys have always had a very special and unique bond. There are so many activities that they can participate in together for the son's very young age like Boy Scouts, camping, fishing, t-ball and little league. Each activity that a father and son does together is an opportunity for each to learn about the other and to also discover more about their own personal strengths and challenges. I have compiled a few father and son quotes below in honor of that special relationship that men share.

My Dad is flying out to Los Angeles to visit my brother and my brother's new wife in their in house. My Dad had a quick change in his schedule and grabbed a last minute flight for the weekend out there, so there wasn't any time for me to make arrangements to join him. My brother and his wife bought a 2 bedroom bungalow a few months back that is loaded with charm and lots of old rose bushes in the front yard. I uploaded a picture of it for you to see. I had the opportunity visit them over July 4th weekend and I was so proud of my brother for buying a house. I wish I could be there tonight when my Dad sees his son's first home. What a special moment that will be.

"Blessed indeed, is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father!" Lydia M. Child

"Fatherhood is pretending the present you love most is soap-on-a-rope." ~Bill Cosby

'It's only when you grow up and step back from him―or leave him for your own home―it's only then that you can measure his greatness and fully appreciate it." M. Truman

"To her, the name of father was another name for love." F. Fern

"A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty." -- Unknown

I think these are some terrific father and son quotes and every time I read them, they make me smile. I hope you enjoyed reading them, too, and if you did, feel free to pass them on or jot one of these quotes down in a card to your own Dad to brighten his day.

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27 December 2012

Make Money Online With CPA Offers

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Make Money Online With CPA Offers

Are you looking for the fastest way to make money online?. Are you tired of making cents with foolish methods?Well, if you really want to make money online, CPA Offers are one of the best ways to make money online especially when your blog is getting huge amount of traffic from search engines. CPA offers if marketed properly can make you tons and tons of money.

What are CPA Offers?

Before explaining on how to make money with CPA offers, we would like to give you a short introduction regarding CPA offers. CPA means cost per action, the publisher is payed when a visitor completes an offer. The offer completed generally by filling surveys or entering an email address or taking performing some other activity.

How to Make Money with CPA Offers

Now let's talk on how to exactly make money with CPA offers. First of all you need to join a CPA network. There are tons and tons of CPA networks, however I would recommend the following:


Peerfly is one of the most popular CPA networks around. It has great offers ranging from 1$ to more than 100$ USD. The following video explains on how to register for peerfly and start making money online.


NeverBlue is one of the largest CPA networks around. It's publishers have made millions of dollars with it. However the only problem is that it's quite difficult to get accepted in neverblue. However if you are lucky enough to get accepted. You are one step away from becoming a six figure blogger. Taking about six figure bloggers, Zac Johnson (The Super Affiliate) has made more than $50,0000 in neverblue earnings.

CPA Lead

Though it's not big as peerfly, however personally I have great experience with it and have make huge amount of money with it. The best part is that it's quite easy to get accepted there.

How to Market CPA Offers?

One of the most effective way of marketing CPA offer is to create a new blog targeting a CPA offer and drive traffic to it. We have already discussed several ways of driving traffic to a blog in our previous posts.

Youtube is one of your best freinds, According to a survey the biggest CPA money makers use youtube promotion after Pay per click advertising. However if you are looking to spend some extra bucks and would like to make good amount of money with CPA offers, I would recommend you going after Pay per click.

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How To Submit Your Blog Sitemap To Google

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Do you want more traffic to your blog from search engines like Google and Bing. You will have to optimize your blog by submitting a sitemap to each of the search engines. Submitting sitemaps of your blog to popular search engines can help you get tons of traffic because by doing this your blog will be indexed almost instantly. If your blog is on blogger.com, it is a good news because Google owns blogger.com platform and most sites are indexed by Google automatically.

Now I will discuss the steps you will have to perform in order to submit your sitemap to Google:

1. Create a account and sign in to Google Webmaster Tools

Webmaster tools help you manage your blogs and gives you detailed information about how Google is indexing your blog. Click on the link to get to Google Webmaster Tools. One more way to get to Webmaster tools is directly from your blogger account. Just click on My Account on navbar and choose google webmaster tools from the list.

2. Add your site

Around the left hand corner you will see the option of add a site. Click on it and give the url of your blog with http:// prefix for example http://incomefigure.com

3. Webmaster tools Overview

After adding your site, you will see your site being listed in the list. Click on your site and you will be navigated to the overview page. Here you will find all the information about how google is indexing your site. If your site isn’t indexed yet there will be a message saying “No pages from your site are currently included in Google's index"

4. Verify your site

You will need to verify that you are the real owner the site before moving any further. You will be asked to verify your site. Webmaster tools will give you two options to choose from in order to verify your site. (1) Uploading an HTML file on server. (2) Adding a meta tag in your HTML code. However you don’t have access to the server when using blogspot so you will have to add a meta tag to verify your side. After choosing the option several lines of code will appear in front of you just copy it.

5. Adding meta tag

Click on Design>>Edit HTML. Search for “Head” tag, it will be somewhere near the top. 

Below the tag paste the code you copied in step 4. Then click on save template button. And you are done.

5. Verifying

Return to Webmaster tools and click on verify at the top of the page in the “Dashboard>>Verify a site” screen. If you have done everything correctly up till now you will receive a confirmation message from google that your site has been verified.

6. Adding Sitemap

Navigate to sitemap page by clicking on the Sitemaps link in the side menu. Here you will find a button labeled Submit a Sitemap just click on it. Type atom.xml or rss.xml and click on test. If you have done everything correctly up till now, Google will then display a message indicating that your sitemap submission is pending. It can take some hours for your sitemap to be fully updated by Google. How to submit sitemaps to yahoo and other search engines will be covered in upcoming articles. Keep reading us.

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25 December 2012

Minor PageRank Update 6th Feb 2012

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Minor PageRank Update 6th Feb 2012

Google updated PageRank of many blogs and websites on the 6th of this month. This update was the first of the handful would be releasing this year. It came to many as a surprise but it wasn't unexpected. Google does have a reputation of releasing new PR updates every few months.

PageRank is an important term in a website owners' dictionary, in fact, for some this is the first and only term valuable enough to be remembered. And when PageRanks become a religion for the determined, they forget to see the voids within. The rest of the internet world becomes obsolete. PR is basically what can take you to the stars or push you the ground. Its a representation of the credibility, quality and popularity of your website/blog. Some experts even believe that it can increase the AdSense click rate.

The last update was unveiled in November 2011 and since then Google has tried a bit too hard to convince website/blog owners that PR has nothing to do with search engines or traffic ranking but most can't help but worry about it. According to our sources, most new sites have received good page ranks (probably, to keep them hooked to blogging and Google). Old sites, however, have received a demotion for an update (probably, to build their determination to keep quality on the front row).

Probable Causes Why Your PageRank Dropped

1. If you have a high PageRank, you can sell links for a mutual benefit.

2. Lack of backlinks to your site.

3. Lack of "quality backlinks" to your site.

To Overcome These Imperfections You Must:

1. Setup a Feed Burner.

2. Consider doing more Guest Posting.

3. Build quality Backlinks.

4. Increase Inbound links, Decrease Outbound links.

Ultimately, its for Google to decide what your PageRank must be. All you can do is try!

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30 Ways To Increase Twitter Followers For Free - Part 1

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30 Ways To Increase Twitter Followers For Free - Part 1
What started as a platform for micro-blogging has now become a a necessity for everyone who hopes and wishes to connect with people on a more mutual level. Twitter, one of the most popular social networking sites, has gained a lot more popularity than was wished for when it started. It has become a simple, straightforward and an easy way to share your thoughts with the people you know (and those you don't).

Many of us have thought of collecting fame and money through this channel, driving traffic into our blogs and websites, making sure that when we spoke, people listened. But that isn't really going to happen if we don't have enough followers. After all, 'followers' (or stalkers, if you will) are what make the world go around. So, in this post, we are going to tell you of 10 ways to increaseTwitter followers for free.

Look Professional

30 Ways To Increase Twitter Followers For Free - Part 1Many of us look the other way when filling out our Twitter forms and hence, pictures of old cars and bikes, missed pets and favorite cartoons pop up as our profile pictures. This is a big "no, no" for those of you who are trying to make it big. For a person who doesn't know you personally, this isn't going to be acceptable and you need to look more professional if you are targeting large masses. We will you to use a more professional looking profile picture.
Fill out the form carefully and with open eyes. This will help the person sitting on the other side of the world to understand your purpose better, increasing the chances of them hitting the "follow" tab.

Tweet and Re-Tweet

30 Ways To Increase Twitter Followers For Free - Part 1
Prove to the world that you are more than capable of being regular and on time. Show them your honesty to your purpose. Re-Tweet quality tweets and encourage your followers to do the same. This will help to spread your name around by yielding your @username resulting in more click-backs to your profile. However, don't spam. This will only force your followers to get rid of you.

Be Expressive

30 Ways To Increase Twitter Followers For Free - Part 1Remember, you have only 140 characters on Twitter so use them wisely. Be expressive, informative and funny. Let your followers know your devotion by using the language that your followers can understand. Tweet frequently but (and we cannot stress this point enough) DON'T SPAM! We figure one tweet is enough if you time it right and according to your followers' tweeting-time habits.
Don't be boring, don't complain like a spoiled brat, don't tweet mundane, everyday nuisance like "watching a movie", "studying", blah blah blah. This will only annoy your followers. Add #hash tags to your tweets. Add special characters. Leave some space in your tweets incase someone ever wants to re-tweet them. Play the field a little and don't be hasty. That's a complete recipe for disaster.

Don't Get Too Clingy

30 Ways To Increase Twitter Followers For Free - Part 1
Meet people, respond to them, be friendly, smile but don't let your guard down. Following people will get you more followers but having an excessive amount of people you are following is bad for your reputation. Instead, follow people who are already accustomed to the values of Twitter and are famous for their tweets. And request them to follow you as well.
However, mostly when someone gets an overwhelming response from their followers, they stop replying to their tweets. Twitter is like a commitment, see it through and you will be taken aback by the number of open arms you find on it. So, take out time to respond to each of your followers individually.

Learn From The Best

30 Ways To Increase Twitter Followers For Free - Part 1Follow the top Twitter users with your likes and interests, see what trends they are applying in their own tweets, what they are talking about, what's making them click, what's hot and you may find inspiration for your own tweets. Never take the word of the wise for granted. Learn from them. Jump into conversations, talk about recent events, MAKE YOUR PRESENCE KNOWN, this will help you build your reputation.

Use Media To Attract Followers

30 Ways To Increase Twitter Followers For Free - Part 1
Photograph everything interesting thing you see and put it up on your profile. This acts like Candy for the Eye and it attracts more people to follow you. Many people like checking out pictures and images rather than reading tweets. And these images get re-tweeted way too often and many people would visit your profile looking for more images.

Twitter Tools
30 Ways To Increase Twitter Followers For Free - Part 1
Discover third-party tools and add more functionality to your profile, a very beneficial technique for users who dream to make it big and become a credible figure on Twitter.

Big Tweet: Break free from the 140 character limit, Big Tweet allows you to use about 240 characters in your tweets.

TwitPic: Post images with your tweets.

Qwitter: Find out who has un-followed you.

Manageflitter: Clean up and manage your followers with multiply options at the tip of your fingers.

Twitter Grader: Grades, ranks and provides additional information about other accounts.

SocialOomph: Provides multiply features that you wouldn't want to miss.

TwitterMeme: Keeps you within the loop by informing you about the latest topics.

Contest Away!
30 Ways To Increase Twitter Followers For Free - Part 1

Offer give-aways and hold contests if you have a blog or a website through which you can interact with your followers. The notion is pretty simple, a classic idea of what people would do for free stuff. Trust us, within the time-frame of your contest, your going to get hits on your profile like never before.
The give-away doesn't have to be extraordinary. You can offer free ebooks or ad spaces on your blogs and you will still get a substantial number of followers waiting in line for your free give-away.

Link It Up!
30 Ways To Increase Twitter Followers For Free - Part 1
Link your Twitter profile to websites like Digg, Facebook, LinkedIn. Add your Twitter link to blogs, websites, emails and all your profiles. Mention it on your business card, contact card, presentations etc. This will result in more visits and clicks on your profile. More people are going to familiarize themselves with your work through your Twitter profile.

Search And Search Some More!
30 Ways To Increase Twitter Followers For Free - Part 1
Search for people who have the same interests as you do and charm them into following you. Take full advantage of this thing called "the Search bar". Its free of cost and fairly easy to use.

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