17 December 2012

Women Are Amazing

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Women are very special. And although each woman is unique, the truth is the amazing-ness of women is not unique. There are lots of special women out there. Thus, there is really no need to get hung up on one woman if she doesn't like you back.

Your girlfriend is truly amazing. But she isn't rare - there are many women just like her. And that is a good thing for the world. You will be very hurt if she ever leaves, but in the end you will be fine.

The way one woman can make us feel, I can understand why we would think she is one in a million. But there are many other women who can make you feel just as amazing as she does. That's because feminine energy is a spirit and not a particular person.

This truth does not diminish the awesomeness of women in the slightest.

Women are amazing.

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