27 December 2012

How To Submit Your Blog Sitemap To Google

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Do you want more traffic to your blog from search engines like Google and Bing. You will have to optimize your blog by submitting a sitemap to each of the search engines. Submitting sitemaps of your blog to popular search engines can help you get tons of traffic because by doing this your blog will be indexed almost instantly. If your blog is on blogger.com, it is a good news because Google owns blogger.com platform and most sites are indexed by Google automatically.

Now I will discuss the steps you will have to perform in order to submit your sitemap to Google:

1. Create a account and sign in to Google Webmaster Tools

Webmaster tools help you manage your blogs and gives you detailed information about how Google is indexing your blog. Click on the link to get to Google Webmaster Tools. One more way to get to Webmaster tools is directly from your blogger account. Just click on My Account on navbar and choose google webmaster tools from the list.

2. Add your site

Around the left hand corner you will see the option of add a site. Click on it and give the url of your blog with http:// prefix for example http://incomefigure.com

3. Webmaster tools Overview

After adding your site, you will see your site being listed in the list. Click on your site and you will be navigated to the overview page. Here you will find all the information about how google is indexing your site. If your site isn’t indexed yet there will be a message saying “No pages from your site are currently included in Google's index"

4. Verify your site

You will need to verify that you are the real owner the site before moving any further. You will be asked to verify your site. Webmaster tools will give you two options to choose from in order to verify your site. (1) Uploading an HTML file on server. (2) Adding a meta tag in your HTML code. However you don’t have access to the server when using blogspot so you will have to add a meta tag to verify your side. After choosing the option several lines of code will appear in front of you just copy it.

5. Adding meta tag

Click on Design>>Edit HTML. Search for “Head” tag, it will be somewhere near the top. 

Below the tag paste the code you copied in step 4. Then click on save template button. And you are done.

5. Verifying

Return to Webmaster tools and click on verify at the top of the page in the “Dashboard>>Verify a site” screen. If you have done everything correctly up till now you will receive a confirmation message from google that your site has been verified.

6. Adding Sitemap

Navigate to sitemap page by clicking on the Sitemaps link in the side menu. Here you will find a button labeled Submit a Sitemap just click on it. Type atom.xml or rss.xml and click on test. If you have done everything correctly up till now, Google will then display a message indicating that your sitemap submission is pending. It can take some hours for your sitemap to be fully updated by Google. How to submit sitemaps to yahoo and other search engines will be covered in upcoming articles. Keep reading us.

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